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Thanks so in the scenario that you were removing all the light fixtures and re-using all wiring. What would you do to disconnect when removing the lights? Just flip the breaker. correct? But now a step further. If that breaker/circuit fed an area outside the demo scope( say it was one office) and you had to keep the other office live, what would you do? Have to modify/temp the circuit to keep the other area active I assume?
E.g. ceiling grid light fixtures – flip the breakers (making certain properly labeled in the panel; breaker lockouts or lift panel-end wire* wouldn't hurt), pull the fixture-end of the whips, wire nut the hot(s) and neutral(s), coil and tie-wire up out of the way.

ETR office on the same circuit as a demo office will require circuit modification, as you have surmised.

*Recommended over breaker lockouts.