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Thread: Neutral and Ground wire sizing for 208 3 phase

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    Neutral and Ground wire sizing for 208 3 phase

    I'm currently working on a smaller commercial project with 80 345w panels and IQ6 plus micros. It's been a while since I've messed with 3 phase and had a question concerning the neutral and ground sizing coming out of the combiner panel.

    There are 8 strings of 10 modules, each one is a 20A circuit feeding into a combiner panel for 160A total. After this it is going into a XFMR to step the voltage up to 240 delta to match the service. Does the neutral need to be sized the same as the phase conductors or can it be smaller since ideally it shouldn't see any current?

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    What neutral? You're using IQ6+ inverters. Not quite sure how you're planning to do that with three-phase, really, especially the Envoy part. Also combining eight 20A single-phase circuits to get 160A three-phase doesn't sound right. I think maybe you need to review the IQ product, it's not like the previous Enphase offerings.
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