Hi everyone,

I am new in the O&M of Pv systems, and currently I have a problem with a PV system that I am operating, the fact is that the fuses of the pole positive of the three stings have fault, I have searched the fault, and I found that exist continuity between the positives poles, that is possible?, I know that is imposible, but I need to know the answer, and the probably origin.

I have reviewed all raceways and strings interconnection, and everything it seem ok, I couldn't found any physical conection between the positive or negative poles. So I need some help with this trouble. The PV inverter is turn-off due to the three fuses that I have are in fault.

I need to said that the three strings only have fuses in the positive pole, and until in the entrance of the PV inverter the three positive and negative poles are in parallel.

Someone can helpme. Thanks a lot.