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Thread: Manly yes but I like it too

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    Manly yes but I like it too

    So I know, but I don’t know
    the code section,
    That you need a continuous wire
    from your meter
    (Or meter main if a combo )
    To your grounding electrode.
    Which is normally Understood to be
    the two ground rods
    or the water entrance Cu pipe

    And your supplementals
    can bond from anywhere
    to that primary electrode
    with THE GEC back to the meter

    Another words you can run a big wire
    from the water entrance
    to your meter
    and then hang your ground rods
    on that water pipe

    Inspector keeps referring to
    her requirement that
    The ground rod has got to be
    the last thing in the line.
    I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.
    She likely wants the ground rods
    To be the grounding electrode(s)
    And the GEC
    to be continuous back to the meter
    From those rods

    and then we can hang The bond to the
    water pipe on the nearest Rod?

    We always used the cold water
    As the main electrode
    & that wire back to the meter
    from the water pipe
    as the grounding electrode conductor

    And then we would hang the rods
    on the water pipe
    Looks like she wants it
    the other way
    and she’s probably right
    She’s pretty smart

    & the bonding wires just have to be
    number six but I always
    Chose number four for the GEC

    Also I was at the
    good supply house and I only saw 5/8 Rod
    I have an old half inch that’s ul listed

    there going to be some new requirements
    where listed 1/2” not allowed??

    Thanks guys!!AkuU8mYuf3eEiQZ966JTJ_SiSni3

    Manly yes but I like it to
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    NEC 250.52 A
    (5) Rod and Pipe Electrodes. Rod and pipe electrodes shall
    not be less than 2.44 m (8 ft) in length and shall consist of the
    following materials.
    (a) Grounding electrodes of pipe or conduit shall not be
    smaller than metric designator 21 (trade size 3⁄4) and, where of
    steel, shall have the outer surface galvanized or otherwise metalcoated
    for corrosion protection.
    (b) Rod-type grounding electrodes of stainless steel and
    copper or zinc coated steel shall be at least 15.87 mm (5⁄8 in.) in
    diameter, unless listed.

    So if you have a listed 1/2", it should be acceptable, however I've always seen 5/8" or 3/4".

    there are many acceptable scenarios for connecting the grounding electrodes, they can daisy chain as long as the GEC is as large as the largest required per any of the electrodes, or you could run to the water pipe with the properly sized GEC, then connect a #6 CU to extend to the ground rod.

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    The GEC is unspliced to the first ground rod. From the first ground rod to the second is a bonding jumper.
    Some inspectors want to see one wire and two clamps but the code is very clear it can be two wires and three clamps
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