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Thread: Solid wire and crimping

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    Quote Originally Posted by SceneryDriver View Post
    The bare #4 running to the Ufer was originally anchored (when the house was built) by putting Tapcons through the strands and screwing it to the block wall, 35 years ago. That's just some bent stranding and surface corrosion. No lightning, open neutral, or anything else scary or nefarious. Everyone settle down; I would have cut it back further if there was damage.

    The spot on the box that looks like smoke along with the conductor condition is what raised a flag. We aren't there so we can only speculate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by al hildenbrand View Post
    T&B makes a line of C-Taps that are listed as Grounding and Bonding Equipment (suitable for splicing the GEC) that can be applied by T&B lever action crimpers. The T&B C-Tap #54720 will do two #6 solid copper conductors side-by-side. The #54720 is color coded "brown". The installation instructions are available Here.

    I picked up the tool, used, on eBay.
    Quote Originally Posted by edward View Post
    I assume the Burndy & llsco crimps require one crimper with multile dies. Correct?
    I searched their site and multiple crimpers came up. I got dizzy and just left.
    Any link to one specific crimper will be appreciated. I have never owned a large crimper. So I dont know what I should look for.
    On the second page of the linked C-tap installation instructions you will see a collection of asterisked notes. The ** note is a list of the specific model number of tools approved by T&B to install T&B C-taps that are listed as Grounding and Bonding Equipment.

    Out of those T&B tools I selected the TBM5S and the TBM25S because of the range of C-Taps that each could install. I am buying the tool for Grounding and Bonding Equipment first and foremost, and the range of conductor sizes I will need is really based upon my business history. So, for me, if I need to do a listed Grounding and Bonding Equipment irreversible splice on copper larger than #2, highly unlikely, I will rent or borrow.

    My point is, start by committing to a listed Grounding and Bonding compression CONNECTOR, then get the installation instructions for the connector family and find the list of approved tools, then start shopping for the tools. It is a laborious circuitous route, but because of the way catalog advertising by the tool manufacturers lack information, its the only way to do it that I found.

    I started by looking up T&Bs products on the UL Online Certifications Lookup, and in those results finding the Grounding and Bonding Equipment items and then identifying the model numbers of the C-taps. Then I was able to search for the installation instructions of the C-taps and find the models of tools to pick from.
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