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Thread: Electrical Licence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Alwon View Post
    IMO, it is more important to know the NEC than it is to have a masters license. The tests I have seen are very much theory oriented and although that is beneficial I see the nec rules more important
    When I took my state test many years ago, I was surprised at how little theory questions there were. It was 10% tax law, 10% theory, and 80% NEC. Which is probably why so many people fail it the first time or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gulf0927 View Post
    So I know it varies from state to state, but right now I live in PA. I went to tech school for two years and got an associate's in electrical construction. Never worked for an electrician though. Started an LLC and did part time small jobs, then went full time this past year. Things are going well, but at some point in the next few years I would like to take the master test. Ever heard of someone being able to take the test in my scenario before? Didn't know if they would let me.
    My first Masters License was in PA. The Block Exam required 10 years practical experience prior to taking the test. Most unincorporated areas didn't require license, however still needed to procure a permit and inspections. Conversely, incorporated cities did require a license to get a permit. This was in 1987, so things mat have changed.

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