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I have a 250' run of 3" emt conduit outside on a wall of a building . The conduit runs over (10) 3/4" structure joint.
I am having a hard time finding a listed deflection coupling listed for EMT. They are listed for PVC or RMC but none for EMT .
Plus they are $350 + each
Can i use short pieces of liquid tight for this application ?
A 3/4" structural joint should only need a foot of liquid tight i would think.
Is this for a tilt slab construction?. If so you do not need to install expansion fittings. The structural joint in this application is just how they attach the slab to the steel.
If you do need to use an expansion fitting that is all you would need. An expansion / deflection fitting allows for expansion and contraction along with sideways movement. That is why it is called deflection.
As for liquid tight this is not approved for expansion. Although it is good for deflection.
You could use a strut clamp like this https://www.gexpro.com/usg/Root-Cate...-PIPE/p/169553. You would still need to fix both ends of the conduit run and install at least 1 expansion fitting.