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Thread: A and E load calculations

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    A and E load calculations

    We are bidding a project to add some equipment on existing equipment already in service. I was reading the A and E drawings and i ran into this note on electrical prints.

    1. All connected load information is unknown contractor shall calculate the unknown load value based on the maximum demand shall be recorded over a 72 hr period Etc etc...

    2. The contractor shall submit calculations and completed load summary for the existing switch gear the engineer for approval. no work can be performed without written authorization from engineer.

    As I read this it makes me think they want our company to the work they dont want to do or cant do as an A and E firm. The A and E firm is based in Florida and We are in TX. I am thinking they dont want to spend the time and money on there own travels and efforts. IS this a common norm to be asked to do any load analysis from a and e firms?

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    Call up the local building CBO and ask him/her how they plan to issue a permit for a DESIGN that has not been done.

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    An A&E firm won't usually take current measurements. We're not usually considered hands-on people.

    But I would normally just ask for the meter data, and I would do all the load calcs myself.

    Per the NEC, a 72 hour reading is usually worthless. But it reality, if one has a pretty good idea that the loads are consistent, it can be useful info.

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