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Thread: AEGIS grounding ring alternatives for XP motors

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    AEGIS grounding ring alternatives for XP motors

    I was told by a motor manufacturer that an an AEGIS grounding ring is considered a sparking device and cannot be provided for a motor in a Class 1 Division 1 area. Are there any alternatives to an AEGIS grounding ring that will protect the motor's bearings from circulating currents?

    I noticed the AEGIS website (link below) mentions that Marathon Electric is the only manufacturer that will provide grounding rings for XP motors, but surely there must be some other alternative to protect a motor's bearings. Thanks.

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    Notice that they also inform you that almost any motor that is originally listed as XP can have an AEGIS grounding ring installed by a UL motor repair shop certified to work on XP motors and to install AEGIS rings. The resulting modified motor will then have a new XP nameplate applied by the motor shop.

    Sounds expensive, but perhaps better than being limited to one motor manufacturer to source XP motors for VFD use?

    The AEGIS website is telling you that you cannot add the ring to a motor originally approved for Classified areas which is not also XP.

    Your motor manufacturer is telling you that they do not want to do it, not that it cannot be done, IMHO.

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    Please forgive me as I'm going off some old memories. We looked at the AEGIS grounding ring and I thought we talked to one of the approved motor repair shops and as I recall they could retrofit motors as long as it was done inside the bell housing. We inquired about field modifications as some of our existing installation would not allow us the time to remove and re-install the motor. The told us they typically drill and tap to mount these units, but they could use conductive epoxy to secure them if it was done in the field.

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