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+11eventeen on that.

to the OP:

this is an eco driver. digital, addressable, runs on a lutron
eco system. grafik eye, quantum, etc. requires an interface,
supporting 64 devices. can NOT be commingled with 0-10 v.
controls on the same bus. a common error. lutron's 0-10
driver looks almost the same to a lot of electricians. trust me.

how much it draws depends on what it's hooked to. i've seen
this driver on fixtures drawing anywhere from 3 watts to 40 watts
per fixture.

so your question is not able to be resolved with your information.
what fixture is it on? case in point. observe this fixture below:

Attachment 18708

these are independent fixture heads. each one draws about 4 watts
each, measured with a wattmeter. PER HEAD. here is the fun part.
each fixture has TWO of those eco drivers, so each light can be controlled

so, as the EE didn't pay attention to this fact, his design allowed
for one eco single loop control panel, controlling 64 devices.
he ended up needing four single loop controllers, or two double loop

but it gets better. the fixtures were tied together using MC cable with
control wires in them, as is common practice. you can put far more
devices on that 20 amp circuit than you can logically address with one
controller. you can put them in an inaccessible hardwood ceiling, stained.
you can cry sad tears when you have to fix it.

you can put 240 of those luminaries on a single 20 amp circuit. then, you
can split it eight times to get it to work. you will have 480 addressable
drivers. let's hope the ceiling is accessible.

you really need to understand the systems you are working with before
designing for them....

Thanks. Looks like there was a change order to this work.