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Thread: parallel service feeders

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    parallel service feeders

    I have a situation where i have an existing 100 service to a warehouse, with the proper sized conductor and conduit for the use. The customer wants to get more power to his unit (200 amps), my thought was to run a new parallel set along the existing one, which would be cheaper than tearing down and replacing with a larger conduit and conductors. My issue is the area around where the new service disconnect will be installed may only allow me to run one conduit out. Can I run a 4/O (Alum) out to a large junction box, just outside the meter room, and tap into a parallel set from that point? Of course keeping everything equal. I do this all the time on the load side of service disconnects in troughs, but can't think of a time I tapped anything on the load side.

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    Keep in mind conductors are not generally paralleled unless they are a min. size of 1/0
    What size conductor to the original 100 amp

    what size service does this ware house have. it sounds like there are multiple tenant units

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