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Thread: Low voltage LED bulb or jump into line voltage?

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    Low voltage LED bulb or jump into line voltage?

    Hello, I'm not even sure if this is appropriate Mikeholt community for this but I wasn't sure where else this sort of question would fit.
    So I tinker with electronics here and there and primarily it has been with DC power (batteries for the most part). I have in a mind project for a simple dimming lamp and I would like to use it introduce myself to AC power although I'm unclear about a few things. The basics of the project I have in mind requires a power source, a dimmer, and a light bulb but I'm struggling to figure out if I should go with an AC adapter as the power source (a wall wart) and use a low voltage dimmer/LED bulb (12V or something of the like) or just dive into full line voltage using the proper dimmer/LED bulb.
    I understand that line voltage is more dangerous but it does remove the bulky wall wart and the require for low voltage components. I'm looking to use a LED bulb that imitates an Edison style bulb I don't think I have found one that is more low voltage use (I could simply be mistaken).
    Would it be a large pain to do this using an AC adapter and much simpler to use the line voltage provided by my house? Lastly, are there any good resources I could look at around tackling projects when using AC power (especially higher voltages and amps as are provided by households)?
    Thanks again and sorry for the odd question.

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    I am closing this thread, in accordance with the Forum rules. This Forum is intended to assist professional electricians, inspectors, engineers, and other members of the electrical industry in the performance of their job-related tasks. However, if you are not an electrician or an electrical contractor, then we are not permitted to help you perform your own electrical installation work.

    If I have misjudged the situation, if for example this project is related to your work, then send me a Private Message. If you can show me that I am wrong, and that you are a licensed electrician (or at least a licensed apprentice), then I will reopen your post, and offer an apology for the delay and inconvenience.
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