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Thread: Leviton slide dimmer

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    You need to study and learn how different things work. Then you need to run experiments with different devices and see how real devices work.

    Just because a box says you can dim a CFL does not mean that a specific CFL can be dimmed.

    There is no dimmable CFL that dims very well. Nor do most LED assemblies dim well. However, a basic LED dims very well with the correct driver. From 0 to full brightness with no flicker at any frequency when excited with DC.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rydan View Post
    ...If CFC's aren't rated to dim, why does Leviton make a dimmer for these types...
    Because some CF's are.

    You have to use both fluorescents marked as dimmable and a dimmer specifically marked for use with fluorescents.

    As noted, even then, it's not the same performance you were used to with an incandescent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rydan View Post
    I'm still trying to figure out how to reply on this page . If this goes to my last topic I will be amazed !! For the replies to the dimming , The Leviton dimmer states it will dim cfc, flour, and led bulbs.. It has a watt rating on each ... The cfc (helix) bulbs dont have a ballast,(not in the fixture) they are just in a 28 year old fixture with a standard r30 base in the dining room. If CFC's arent rated to dim, why does Levinton make a dimmer for these types.. You all know its a bit more than regular Levinton dimmers. For the other gentleman who stated to set the dip sw. ,,, This is just a cheap slide dimmer with an o/f button on the bottom .... Dont think their are dip switches behind the face of this dimmer.
    Screw-in CFL and LED lamps that are sold to fit into the place of incandescent lamps have a built-in ballast. A dimmer adds dimming to almost all incandescent lamps and there's the same expectation passed on but it doesn't work that way. Dimming CFLs and LEDs require dimmable lamps and a dimmer. They were hoping to make CFLs and LEDs dim smoothly on already installed dimmers but this never happened. Dimming related trouble is the number one complaints about residential LED installs. The dark side of dimmable CFLs and LEDs is like buying auto parts. You have to pair the make and model of the dimmer and the lamp, fixture or ballast. You're still expected to compromise on how low it dims down and there might be a sore spot where it becomes unstable and flickers. The ballast for dimming fluorescent/CFL is quite a bit more complicated than the LED equivalent.

    Personally I've found the EcoSmart brand 8W "Classic Glass Bulb" LED lamps (looks identical to the standard filament bulb) to be quite abuse tolerant which sells for $10 for 4. The lamp explicitly says not to be used in enclosed fixtures but I haven't been able to make this one fry out even in a jelly jar unlike common LED lamps. The dimming range is noticeably limited compared to ordinary light bulbs but dims well when paired with a LED rated dimmer. When you dim LEDs (or CFL), you should expect it to create a mood like a large shed with a single 60W light bulb as you dim down. It doesn't turn reddish orange as you dim like standard filament bulbs.

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    Dimming the cfl bulbs

    As the member stated, there was a switch on top of the dimmer that was set to led .. I changed it to the cfl setting and it kinda worked but made a humming sound. ( Ecosmart helix cfl brand , made in China crap ) Bought the led bulbs at the Depot ( 4 for $10.00 ) and it works perfect !!!!! Got the daylight ones and she loves it .. Yep

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