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Thread: Powering LED cove/accent lighting: lots of small transformers, or one big one?

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    Powering LED cove/accent lighting: lots of small transformers, or one big one?

    This is a naive question, but it's driving me nuts: what's the strategy for powering multiple LED strips in coves in a residential install? Here's an example of what I'm referring to; this is just a random picture that came up when I googled "LED cove lighting":

    The best I can figure is that there are two approaches:

    1. Bring mains power to the cove itself; hide outlets every ~12' or so within the cove to allow for plugging in multiple transformers/power supplies around the perimeter of the room. If this is the case, then the designer/builder/carpenter needs to accommodate the bulky power supplies and the associated wiring and receptacle boxes in his/her cove design.
    2. Hide a larger transformer somewhere more convenient (e.g. in a panel in another room; in a cabinet; etc.), and run low-voltage wiring to the cove. The cove design could perhaps be more streamlined in this case.

    Which is the more common approach? I'm sort of assuming that the approach would be the same for new work as it would be for a remodel, but perhaps that's a bad assumption?

    For reference, the type of LED strips I'm referring to are the 5-meter 5050 type - typical specs are about 6A/72W per 5-m reel.
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