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Thread: Recess light fire rating - NJ

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    Recess light fire rating - NJ

    I am a bit confuse to the request of the township. I have a project single family home with 5600 sq. ft. one floor. they are requesting 1 hour fire rating in the living space and also asking to install fire rated covers for recessed lights (90+). the architect noted in the drawing the building is R-5. so the town inspector requested that recessed caps be installed to meet 1 hour rating. Since the project is in NJ is the IRB supersede the IBC? in addition is there an exception for ranch single home with 5600 sq. ft. area with over 25 egress. Egress available within every 400 sq. ft. area so the 1 hour fire rating seems unnecessary and excessive. Can the number of egress supersedes the requirement for 1 fire hour rating? I am trying to reduce the unnecessary cost and looking for exceptions to the requirement of 1 hr fire rating for building R-5. Please advise.

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    You might want to look at this thread....

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    I don't think that is required. In NJ it would be the NJ version of the IRC and you can look at it from this sight.
    But you can get an opinion from the DCA at Code Assistance (609)254-2790 fax (609) 984-7717 or email I would fax or email your question as you will get a response that states your question and thier answer with the DCA letter head at the top. This goes a lot further when you show it to the inspector.
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