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Thread: Metal Halide Bulb replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by mopowr steve View Post
    Only that at that small of size shouldn't matter much other than maybe its color rendering index maybe lower.
    As you start to get into larger metal halides the weight of led fixture replacement maybe become an issue.
    I ran into this a few years back when I replaced mercury vapor lamps with compact fluorescent lamps on some lighting poles.

    As time went by the lamp sockets couldn't take the forces they were subjected to - heavier and longer lamp plus shaking of the pole in windy conditions, led to socket failures.

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    MH LED replacements are cheap, but not good

    You are better off replacing the whole fixture rather than messing around with the LED replacement lamps. Ballast bypass/Direct Fit, doesn't matter, all the same chinese garbage. The light they put out is not good, and you will be dealing with alot of burnouts over the next few years. There are a lot of options out there for new fixtures that will pay back in less than 2 years, and last 10-20 years. Its hard to say no to a cheap LED bulb, but the cost of the man hours/lift rentals/etc is not worth it. Just install a new fixture.

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