(I venture into areas I know little about; please be gentle.)

Given a cabinet, with multiple low voltage items in it, 24VDC and down, what if any code requirements apply?

It's powered by an external charger/supply, with a UL label, plugged into a duplex outlet. It takes in 4-20mA from external CT's & some dry contacts. It has several CPU's and some tiny relays that switch 24VAC from an external transformer; the switched 24VAC going to a second box.

From what I read, it appears the #1 box fits "Class II" in that that the supply delivers <60VA. I don't see a mention of rechargeable batteries which this will have.

Is that correct? If not, what are the issues/concerns? How does it differ from the many other LV devices such as home alarms? Would the cabinet itself [not] being NEMA rated matter? (Indoors, dry location, etc.)

[That second NEMA box holds 24VAC coil, UL-labeled, relays that do switch 120VAC. It will be built by the project's electricians or maybe a panel building house. But that's their issue, except as it affects us.]