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Thread: Ballast for G36T8 36W fluoriscent bulb

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    Ballast for G36T8 36W fluoriscent bulb

    I need to use germicidal lights in my appartment
    I found PLT G36T8 48" at 1000bulbs
    I also found Phillips G30T8 36", but I cannot find 3 feet fixture at reasonable price.
    My choice T12 2 bulbs fixture with new ballast

    1000bulbs answer about G36T8 only: The bulbs you selected run on a specialized ballast we do not carry on our website
    Yes, they have only 32W ballast on their website.
    36W 110V ballast not exists.... I think. I didnt found.
    I can take 220V from stove, but prefer not to do it.

    I found
    Universal Programmed Rapid Start FL Ballast for 1-2 F32T8 F40T8 F17T8 Lamps, Parallel Wiring Run at 120 - 277 Volt (B232PUNVEL-B)
    This ballast able to run one 40W lamp or one or two 32W lamp.
    May be stupid question, but will it run with one 36W bulb?

    I going to run 1 bulb in bedroom and 3 bulbs(to cover by UV every corner and kitchen) in living room
    I found
    Universal Programmed Rapid Start High Electronic Fluorescent Ballast for (3-4) F32T8 F40T8 F17T8 Lamps - 120V-277V (B432PUNVHE-A)
    It able to run 3 40W or 3-4 32W
    I going to run 3 bulbs in different fixture from 1 ballast
    Specs allow Remote Mounting: 20 ft. max. lead length, 18 AWG

    Since 2 bulbs fixture cheaper than 1 bulb fixture, I thinking to install 2 bulbs, one germicidal and one regular F32T8
    Its absolutly no reason to run this bulbs together.... so any way to run them from one ballast?
    Probably not. I will install 2 programmed ballast to run 3 lights(each ballast)
    and 1 instant start ballast to run 36W germicidal bulb. I will turn it on twice a week, so Rapid Start not a big issue.
    I found this
    Kelmar Electronic Ballast Model 240 for 1 or 2 F40T12 or F40T8 Un-Shunted Lamps 0.80A
    Not sure againg if it will work with 36W bulb. Will it work?
    and 1 ballast for F32T8.... so here is wide-wide selection

    One more question.
    T12 fixture usually have shunted or not-shunted sockets?
    And will T8 bulbs fit?
    For example this


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