I did a service call today for 1 of my management companies. After finishing the service call the gentleman pointed out his kit. lights werent working.. After opening the drop ceiling I noticed the flour. bulbs were black on the ends ..I told him to get new bulbs. The fixtures were single, 4' flour. lights .. 2 on each side. If its not the bulbs and its the ballasts' ,, I told him I would contact the management company and replace the 4 lights. I priced the lights with t12 daylight bulbs ... $165.00 + labor ... Same 4 footers x4, but double lights on each fixture stead of 1 ... To replace them in a LED single strip, 4 foot length x 4 ... $260.00 = labor ... The question is, with being a drop ceiling, .. even removing the cover of the LED fixtures ,, will it give off good light using 4 fixtures. ?