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Thread: Finish ratings 362:10 (2) I N

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    Finish ratings 362:10 (2) I N

    I had a question on a test today of fire ratings. Q. Equipment for feeder circuits (including transfer switches, transformers, and panel boards) shall be located either in space fully protected by approved automatic fire suppression systems (including sprinklers,carbon dioxide systems) or in a_________ fire resistant rating.
    A.15 minute B. one hour C. two hour D. four hour

    Finish rating 362:10 (2) I N say A
    The answer came in
    700:10 D C
    My question is why don't they post all fire rating under one Article
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    Because nothing in the NEC is set up that way.

    Think of all the sections that would be associated with installing a receptacle in a resi kitchen counter. 210.52, 314.XX, 210.11, 310.16, 210.8, and so on.
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