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I should correct myself. It should have read "... I've never seen a qualified local AHJ (even fire marshals) that can properly classify locations." The fact is, once a location is properly classified, most local AHJs do a fine job determining a proper installation. It's just they have an extremely strong tendency to over-classify on their own, "just to be safe."

Hear, hear. For those who don't know, NFPA 497 deals with classification of gasses. And my experience is that most Engineers and Architects don't properly classify areas also. When you have a set of plans and you ask a question about the classified areas, crickets are the most likely response. Or you get the run around like as an electrician I should know how to classify the area. As time goes by, I find more and more things that have other codes driving them. Emergency egress lighting is a big one. Just the other day, I discovered that there is an NFPA code that deals with article 700 transfer switches and equipment. Specifically learned that an Emergency ATS can't be in the same room as normal power. Who knew. (except the geniuses here, of course.)