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Thread: Low voltage outlets

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    Low voltage outlets

    I have low voltage outlets to serve AT&T equipment and COMCAST equipment. What kind of supply should these outlets be connected to? Emergency Panels or Normal Power Panels? Is it also possible to circuit them to panels that also serve mechanical equipment such as fire smoke damper?

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    By low voltage in this context I assume you are referring to 120V circuits, no?
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    Regardless of whether the supplies in question are providing really low voltage (maybe Class 2?) or just 120 VAC to the communications equipment, you need to ask whether those communications functions are essential to providing security, medical care or other true emergency loads or would just be nice to have to keep an office environment usable during an outage.
    Also whether your "emergency panel" is currently feeding true critical or essential loads or is really just an optional standby power situation.

    BTW, do the fire smoke dampers in ducts that you mentioned require power to close or do they just need power if you want them to stay open to allow ventilation during an outage?

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