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Thread: Been a while

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    Been a while

    Hello all,
    This may or may not be the right place for this post but here goes. So the last time I posted I here I was talking about being sent down to Texas after the hurricane with a few other linemen. We went, then went straight to Florida. We were working down in Florida, just outside of Tampa the day I got hit with 7200 from a 12.5 feeder. A recloser malfunction upstream cause the circuit to close at the sub and out on the line, there were no physical disconnects open. I was on the ground preparing a splice, I don't remember much. I woke up in icu after 7 days, miraculously with only minor burns on my left hand and an ileostomy from damage to my large intestine and appendix, and 2 stents in some arteries.
    All in all I'm thankful to be here. But I'm never relying on anyone to check tags or positions on breakers again. I take full responsibility, after all it's on me to make my work area safe. But the D**e energy line crew we were working with said they had the line tagged as they were working further down also.

    I get my ileostomy reversed in January and hope to return to work in March.

    I know I'm gonna catch heat on loto.....

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    Damn man, that is brutal.

    Glad you are alive and okay, l hope for the best for you as you continue to recover.

    PS I am moving this to the safety forum area since that is basically the topic.
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    I have clients tell me all the time they will fix anything in the house except electric. Electric stuff scares them.

    I tell them I'm happy to do electric work after the meter, but line work scares the hell out of me.

    Glad you made it through that experience. Hope everything heals up good.

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    I think you have caught all the heat you needed to, people here should leave that be. But thank God you survived and thanks to you for sharing your story. I've seen a lot of "cowboy" attitudes expressed in our industry and seen people being ridiculed for being over cautious. Your story is a testament as to what we should focus on in this industry. Safety FIRST, professionalism second, efficiency third, convenience and speed tied for last place.
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    Well, thank God for small miracles. In your shoes I'd be grateful that's all that happened, given the potential for going home in a shoe box.

    I have pretty close to zero idea as to what might be involved safety-wise for that kind of line work. Just a smidgen I got from some track training with PATH here in NJ. What would you have done differently? I kinda remember one thing that the PATH electricians did was to ground the conductors on both sides of the work area, but I might be mistaken.

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    Ground jumpers are indeed common practice. As in required by the POCO.

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    "Identify, isolate, test and ground". "If it isn't grounded, it isn't dead". Nothing much else to add.....thank God and teach what you learned to EVERYBODY. Thanks for sharing. I can't imagine what a mess it must have been down there. The linemen who went to help are the true heroes in my book!

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    Agreed. If it isn't grounded, it isn't dead. Period.


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    I'm just glad you're still here to tell about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by busman View Post
    If it isn't grounded, it isn't dead. Period.

    The jumper should be bonded to the metal post on which the lineman is working. It should not be grounded separately.

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