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Thread: 705.12(D) questions

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    As I said above, I was also taking the devil's advocate role. I do think that if I were an AHJ and someone wanted to tap a switchboard busbar with an inverter output, and the OCPD(s) downstream of that busbar exceeded the ampacity of the busbar, I'd be inclined to invoke 705.12(D)(2)(1) and say either 'you can't do that' or 'get an engineer's stamp.' But I'm not an AHJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrofelon View Post
    I dont follow you here. Busways and cablebus are different. The point is that 368 refers to busing in equipment as feeders.
    Busway and busbars in switchboards are not considered the same thing in the NEC. Busway is a high current conductor between equipment.

    From 368: Busway. A raceway consisting of a metal enclosure containing factory-mounted, bare or insulated conductors, which are usually copper or aluminum bars, rods, or tubes.

    Switchboards are not "raceway" so I don't agree that it's a logical argument to say switchboard busbars are feeders because busway can be a feeder.

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