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Thread: Your DMM

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramsy View Post
    For some reason ~2.5kΩ refers to low impedance, and seems standard for eliminating measurements caused by Capacitive inductance
    Explains why it can't be used on PCBs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FionaZuppa View Post
    sure, but in auto-range mode there is no "setting" of the dial. it can read only up to its max and down to its min, etc.
    and i do not disagree with you, one needs to be fairly confident about what it is they are about to measure. crazy bizarre accidents do happen, but hopefully we keep those events rare.
    Depends on the task at hand.

    Majority of time I am looking for 12-500 volts and usually don't care exact level just need to know if close to whatever is nominal, or performing more of a basic continuity check. Auto range is default setting when you switch it to any measuring setting - ACV, DCV, Ohms...

    Most of what I am going to measure there is no need to select a range. When there is a need then I select that range.
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