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Thread: LED Buzzing

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    LED Buzzing

    I've been getting the Ecosmart recessed LED trims.

    I just installed Maestro dimmers and they buzz. So I tried the Diva and still a buzz. Do you have the website that will tell me what dimmer is compatible. I feel like I'm going to have to get the electronic low voltage version. Which will negate all savings from getting those trims for $5 each.

    But I'd rather save big on the trims since I have to buy two dozen of them and find the dimmer that works. And be able to explain to the customer what it will take.

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    Was the DIVA the CL version?

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    What is buzzing? The dimmer or the LED?

    If the LED is buzzing, then the LED is most likely the problem, or something relating to the LED fixture.

    Learn how dimmers work, what their waveforms look like, and how and why various waveforms may produce various results with different loads.

    Do bench testing. Set up a scope to see what your waveforms look like and how different settings of the dimmer affect the buzzing. Do the tests on incandescent as well as LED, and also see what happens if a Variac is used to provide an adjustable voltage to the load.

    While running tests listen to a weak AM radio station and see how RFI noise varies with dimmer settings, and vs no dimmer.


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    Call Ecosmart and let them solve the problem. If they are a reputable company they will help you, if the ignore you don't buy from them again. chinese/cheap Lighting and Controls manufactures are notorius for these kinds of problems. Its nice to get cost effective equipment when it works, but these little bugs creep up alot. Good Luck

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