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Thread: LED lights on oven hood blinking

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    LED lights on oven hood blinking

    I replaced the halogen oven hood lights with 50 w LED dimmable flood lights. The lights work fine on high but when set to low they blink about every 4 seconds. An old thread suggested what the problem might be but there was no definitive answer on how to correct the problem or if there is one. Does anyone know of a fix?? Thanks in advance.

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    I am closing this thread, in accordance with the Forum rules. This Forum is intended to assist professional electricians, inspectors, engineers, and other members of the electrical industry in the performance of their job-related tasks. However, if you are not an electrician or an electrical contractor, then we are not permitted to help you perform your own electrical installation work.

    If I have misjudged the situation, if for example this project is related to your work, then send me a Private Message. If you can show me that I am wrong, and that you are a licensed electrician (or at least a licensed apprentice), then I will reopen your post, and offer an apology for the delay and inconvenience.
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