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Thread: What could it be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumper View Post
    So, you see the job yet?

    If yes, what was it?
    I've looked at it, but I didn't have the time to dig into it. Hence, this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 480sparky View Post
    If it's a solid N-G short, the circuit would never work. Same with multiple GFCI-protected circuits having their neutrals tied together. The instant a load is turned on it WILL trip. But these are intermittent trips.
    Have you confirmed that you have a solid neutral and equipment ground connection?
    Are the non AFCI protected circuits tripping.
    Are the GFCI only protected circuits tripping.
    If you are dealing with metallic connectors and boxes, the neutral wire could be pinched but not breaking through the insulation to expose the bare wire. This could cause the AFCI CB to trip randomly. To add to the confusion, if on a switched circuit load such as lights or receptacles it could trip randomly after the switch is closed.

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