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Thread: Holes in steel studs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strathead View Post
    If no one hears it, did you really drill the hole?
    The punch is REALLY fast. Faster than a cough...

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    How big of a hole is actually being made? An electrical inspector usually will not question this practice, unless somebody appears to be "pushing the envelope." I had an older model Greenlee punch and I can tell you - this thing made holes that were WAY too big. One would literally have to nail plate the steel studs because the 1-1/4 clearance might not have been maintained.

    BTW - All I'm hearing is "load bearing" wall and nothing else matters. This is not true. Walls can be smoke partitions and not be load bearing. Walls can be fire-rated walls and not be load bearing, and will usually extend up to a roof deck. A "standard fire wall" more often than not is a non-load bearing wall, so don't be so quick to call the guy's boss!

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