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    Oh for sure-The dirt worshippers just cannot shake the belief that a wire tied to soil will prevent electrocution on lower voltage ckts....

    A lot of 'em don't even think about any ocpd opening- they believe stuff like it somehow helps lower touch potential, like the planet absorbs electrons-you know, the juice just magically disappears.

    And how can they think otherwise when education and books tell them thats the case? The person who says otherwise is viewed as uneducated. See what I am saying here?

    And we know what happens when there is a fault and no good path to source to cause the spike in current that opens the ocpd & ckt- power stays on, somebody completes the ckt....

    My statement in post #38 was about going off into some sort of tail chasing, rabbit hole---the earth, the largest conductor, is everywhere, so......

    See what I did there?

    The myth encourages practices which at times prove the theory right even though its not.

    Take a washing machine thats shocking via an 2,200 ohm internal fault. Driving a 25 ohm ground rod will actually stop the perception of the shock because the 25ohms will pull the voltage down across 2,200 ohms much more then 850 ohms hand to foot. Thus in such a case a person truly believes the earth is absorbing an electron build up on the frame of the machine. If it works for washers why not light poles, pools and amusement stands?

    However, through vibration once that 2,200 turns to 0 ohms, 25ohms will not be a low enough resistance to pull the voltage down across the fault to safe levels.
    I'm in over my head...

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    Um, this is the education forum not campfire guys.

    This is not helpful to the OP what so ever.

    "Electricity is really just organized lightning." George Carlin


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