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With an Intermatic EI600 you can set the latitude more conservatively or liberally if desired to account for cloud cover, and have the added benefit of being able to shut the sign off at closing time, or manually override it at will without electrical tape. They are not bothered by power outages; even pulling out the battery to replace it doesn't lose the time or programming.
I think I am distracting from the OP. I gave my method, but its based on practices in my area which have some special circumstances.

I have been TOLD that Astro Clocks are terrible for Alaska. That said I have NEVER even seen one installed here, so they could have improved and nobody has used one, but all inquires I have made the answers been don't bother they don't work here. Looking at the instructions the map they show, showing the zone you live in doesn't even show Alaska. Says use North if your in Canada nothing about Alaska. I ASSUME that they don't have enough settings memory to account for amount of swing we have in daylight. We can gain or lose 1-5 min of daylight in a day, not much a day but a week or month it changes quick. Most Places around here use the signs as security lights and want them on illuminating their entrances, so they don't want them off at closing time.

They do look nice for customer use though, leave em the instructions and tell em to have fun call if you can't figure it out, might buy one and mess with it at my house.