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Thread: Arc flash PPE while not working

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    Here's a test video of MV Arc Resistant switchgear showing how it redirects the blast pressure.
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    Company PPE Policy and "Non-Interaction"

    I do AFRA on a lot of low kVA pump jack sites where pumpers and other personnel very regularly walk by disconnect and panels that are energized but are not working on them. In pretty much all these cases the company minimum PPE level is required but nothing additional. If anyone was planning on opening a panel to check/ change a fuse, etc., they would be required to gear up and get their 0 gloves and face shield.

    No doubt it certainly depends on the nature of the facility and the level of available fault current. Had a guy tell me one time that their janitorial staff was required to suit up to sweep the floor at some areas within their facility. Seems like overkill but with a random fault it might be a life saver.
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