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Thread: Streetcar Overhead Wire Clearance

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    Streetcar Overhead Wire Clearance

    Does anyone know the distance ABOVE a streetcar overhead wire (catenary) that must be clear? We want to build a bridge over an existing line.

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    I don't know, but they're only 600-700V DC, so there's very little needed for electrical clearance. Bigger question is what does any right-of-way agreement or municipal code say and how the building would affect use of the line; you can't be lifting girders over an active line, for one.

    (It's common for road bridges to be as low as 15' with the wire attached to the underside and separated from it by wood planks. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos handy.)

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    I would GUESS that the owners of the lines would have more restrictive clearances than the electrical voltage requires. Maintenance issues may be more important than insulation issues.

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