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Thread: Operating 266V Motors on 230V..... Explain Please

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    Operating 266V Motors on 230V..... Explain Please

    I am not an electrician but I design and build my wood products business' equipment and install everything myself. I recently added a Phase Converter that operates small motors (<10HP) and a few months ago I bought a 70kva generator to operate larger equipment that I am currently building. I am now in the joyful place of buying all sorts of "stuff" as I spool up my business and these motors are an exceptionally good value.... if I can use them.

    So as I said, I have an opportunity to purchase some nice 3hp Sew Eurodrive Gearmotors at a great price. They are 266v/460v rated motors which I would operate on 230v. I have run across this before and typically pass as there are other options. BUT, ignorance is not a good trait. So I sat down and decided to search for the 266v vs 230v detail explanation. There are NONE........ The best I can figure is that a 266 is the 4% derated labeled voltage of a 277v single phase installation. Is this correct or is my ignorance taking me deeper into the rabbit hole?

    Who here truly understands the what and why of 266 motors in the US? They do not meet the 10% deviation (Sew holds their formal installation's directives to 5%)........ 230v x 1.1 = 253v. AND I find it hard to believe ANY company would accept the cost of HAVING to install transformers for such a motor usage. Just buy a 230v. SEW produces great products...... and I suspect that if the derated HP is acceptable, it would be fine to install a 266v on 230v system???!!!???!!! But my ignorance is unacceptable on my end and I'm not willing to burn down my business to find out.

    SOOO.... at the end of all things............... can a 266 be operated on the 230 system.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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