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Thread: Manufacturer of this switch

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    Manufacturer of this switch


    I am trying to identify at least the manufacturer of this fused switch. It is 5kV and no nameplates on it and I would like to find a manual on it. Does anybody have an suggestions? i thought it might be an S&C but in searches could not find anything that looked like this.

    Thank you in advance.
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    The operating handle looks like those used by PowerCon, who not only makes their own metal enclosed interruptor switchgear, but also sells their switch mechanisms to a lot of other OEM gear mfrs.
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    Could be Powercon, ABB, or Siemens, they all use the same handle. The nameplate is located on the rear of the inside of the switch near the center phase contacts. Use a flashlight to look in that top window and you will see it.

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