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Thread: WA 06 Administrator study prep?

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    WA 06 Administrator study prep?

    I'm currently an 06 electrical trainee in Washington State and will be assuming the role of my companies limited energy (06) administrator. What areas should I really be focusing on for the administrator test? I have completed the 06 exam prep from Mike Holt, have been studying the NEC and the WAC and RCW. what kind of math/ general knowledge is there ( Voltage drop, raceway fill, etc?) Any help would be appreciated!

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    You should have the PSI exam candidate packet which tells you which NEC articles and how many questions from each
    You are tested on your scope of work not what you typically do on the job
    The electrical currents question of the month is valuable, many have said they are the same as on the exam. Questions started in about 2001, get those that are apply and for your scope of work
    The WAC used to have about a page on exam subject contents, This was deleted maybe two wac revisions back see if you have that.
    And series parallel ohms law etc, but the best is the exam subject contents. PM me if you can't find it.
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