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Thread: Lithonia ultra-slim led recessed lights

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortcircuit2 View Post
    I put a 6-inch in the other day. I like them and they put out good light. I "took the line" on the cutout with the keyhole saw and it barely covered the cut em tight so they fit.

    I couldn't find a box fill in the instructions, but I would say we are limited to 2 romex's with the wagos.

    Then, I always thought j-boxes needed to be mounted...but you just "float" these?

    On the new work install with those "pans"...are you pre-installing the j-box and mounting it to the joist near the pan?
    iirc, the way they are listed as something other than a jbox and do not require mounting.

    eta: here's two mfg installation videos that do not show the driver/junction box being hard mounted:

    Not saying that is by code, but there you go.
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    Just came across another good name for those: Can killers.
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