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Thread: IEC EX locations

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    IEC EX locations

    Currently involved with a manufacturer looking at selling distillery equipment to Australia . The purchaser wants to be assured of IEC EX compliance. Does anyone know of a good online reference. Ive been to the IEC websites but so much of it seems to concern certifications of manufacturing facilities or testing laboratories but less with the actual descriptions of what constitutes a zone 0 over a zone 1 occupancy and what gear is permissable
    Any help is appreciated

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    This is of course an NEC rather than IEC site. Classifying per NEC Zones is basically covered in NFPA 497 and/or API RP 505. The closest analogous IEC Standard is 60079-10. NEC Zones and IEC Zones are not the same. I will not go into the minutiae here.

    Some of the IEC protection techniques and their application are, however, very similar to those outlined in NEC section 505.9.

    Australian Electrical Standards may be reviewed here.

    Most EU Zone equipment is now certified under the ATEX Directive. Australia generally accepts them.
    Robert B. Alexander, P.E.
    Answers based on 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted.

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    IEC EX Certification

    Our company is currently involved in having some of our equipment ATEX & IEC Ex certified. We ran into the same problems that you are describing. We found a company called Source IEx in Spring, TX. They specialize in this type of certification. They have been very helpful in working with us to navigate the confusing regulations. They also have offered design suggestions to make our devices compliant to multiple agencies' regulations, so as to avoid additional costly inspections. We are in the final stages of the process and we are very pleased up to this point. I hope this helps.

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