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Thread: I am building a conduit bending app and need your feedback

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    I am building a conduit bending app and need your feedback

    Hey I'm an electrician by trade and decided to learn how to develop phone apps recently. I created an emt bending app for the android. My intentions for it is to help knowledge new apprentices with bending. I am in the prototype phase and would like feed back from people on what they think about the app. I'm going to keep this app free since I'm a believer in free education. Please see attached link..

    Features of the app are:

    -bender characteristics
    -different types of bends
    -multiplier calculation page
    -tool list
    -material list

    And my super prototype feature right now is called "draw your run". Eventually I want to be able to drag and drop animated emt into the picture.. I think this feature could help people who aren't that great with picturing their emt run.

    So if anywho has negative or positive feed back give me a hollar. Everything helps..

    Thanks for your time

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    Welcome to the forum,

    I would be glad to help in any endeavor that would help new electricians learn and be a benefit to experienced one’s also...but...

    I do not click on unknown links and download unverifiable software. I am weird that way, bit of paranoia is common to electrical people. Keeps us alive.

    Can you post graphs, formulas, pics or such?

    I kinda like to look before I touch.
    "Electricity is really just organized lightning." George Carlin


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