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Thread: Moving Gear...

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    Typical dry type 2500kVA transformer is 16,000 lbs (Give or take a ton)

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinity View Post
    MstrLucky is an estimator not a contractor or an electrician and although his questions might seem simplistic to some he's here trying to learn. Some of us can throw around switchgear all day, some others don't even know what a Johnson bar or a toe jack is. No matter how you slice it we're all here to share knowledge and ideas.
    Nearly every estimator I have ever known came from years of field experience. Every single one have their Masters Licence...many have run their own business, have been project managers.

    Every company I worked for as an estimator, had several meetings after winning a bid with the PM, the field superintendent, the forman who will run the job, to discuss all issues going into the job.
    That would include how we bid the handling of equipment, or if we got quotes from riggers to do the difficult or risky installs.
    That's because when I had a job with a significant amount of heavy gear, I would call in our field superintendent to discuss how WE would approach handling the gear and how much money to allow for....PRIOR to bidding.

    MstrLucky has been on this forum for years. He's not a rookie. This thread can only be answered by the guy in the office across the hall or out in the shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdslotz View Post
    Nearly every estimator I have ever known.....
    So? That only means something in regards to your own personal experiences, not that it has any bearing on all estimators or the business as a whole. Correct?
    "Electricity is really just organized lightning." George Carlin


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    Quote Originally Posted by jumper View Post
    So? That only means something in regards to your own personal experiences, not that it has any bearing on all estimators or the business as a whole. Correct?

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    Ok, here is how, a cold case of beer to the roofer running the 4x4 fork lift will get most things to the door. Then you take all the sheet metal off the gear to get it in the door on rigid pipe, rod, tank rollers, piano jacks, big come a longs, Johnson bars, brute strength, chain falls, pallet jacks, then shim it up onto the house pad or over the pipes.
    Worked for a guy that had the wire delivery on a Friday no prior notice to me at 3:15pm, truck had no lift gate got the roofer to take them off and placed them in the building where I needed them; case of beer. Told Co. owner I needed beer money back, his answer we don't reimburse for alcohol! How much do you think he ended up paying for that wire delivery !? Hint more than the beer cost me.
    Treat your men well, they treat you well, screw them, it pulls the whole job down and the Forman will have to fight to return moral; easiest way is to blame the a..h... who bid the job.

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