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Thread: Which article is the right article?

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    Which article is the right article?

    Hello, I am a Navy Nuclear Electrician turned Commerical Electrician.
    I am used to regulations from a government/military perspective. As such I do my best to treat the NEC 70 and 70E as law. I want to understand the code book as best I can, so that I can follow the correct rules as applicable to the situation.

    My question is regarding the disconnecting means of some plugs. They are 240 single phase plugs with GFCI protection, and they will be plugs for welders in a transportation maintenance shop.
    This is a commercial building and there is no disconnect on the prints for these plugs.

    My question is, would the disconnecting means for these welders fall under article 422 for appliances where a receptacle/plug is sufficient,
    Or article 630 for welders, where a switch/circuit breaker is required for disconnecting means?

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    Did you read 630.13 or 630.33? Looks like it need to be a breaker or switch.

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    Welcome to the forum! EM or ET? I presume EM... anyway, article 630 is where you want to look for the answer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck Parrish View Post
    Did you read 630.13 or 630.33? Looks like it need to be a breaker or switch.
    630.13 is for arc welders. Many have a disconnect as an integral part of the welder, which is mentioned as acceptable.

    I don't know anything about resistance welders which would be 630.33.

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    Welcome to the forum
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