Quick question, I researched this forum and found similar topics but couple answers confused me even more.

In the facility we have a new SWGR and we want to feed 4 pieces of equipment from it. 3 of the machines will be 1200A later converted to 1600A, and 1 of the machines will be 1600A.

The contractor wants to utilize cable tray from the SWGR to each machines. Running one big cable tray for the main run and branch off to each piece of equipment. Option two was to run one main cable tray and utilize conduit between cable tray and each piece of equipment and SWGR.

My question is what percentage is allowed to fill the cable tray (can all the cables be on top of each other)? Also, can we run one EGC through the entire length of cable tray and branch out from it to each piece of equipment, or will each piece of equipment need its own EGC? What would be the best method and design practice to feed the 4 pieces of equipment?

Thanks in advance.