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Thread: Some Questions for my 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service installation

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    Some Questions for my 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service installation

    I'm installing my own 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service for my shop in lake ariel, PA. I have a few questions regarding the Neutral and the ground. So let me get things up to speed. This is a Brand new service installation. My poco is installing a new pole and a transformer for me after I pass my inspection.
    This is a overhead service entrance, I'm running (4) 3/0 copper conductors to my 7 jaw murray meter pan down the conduit then directly into my siemens p1 250a panel with a 200 amp main breaker. My questions are regarding the ground and the neutral. I read that if its not a subpanel and is actually the main service entrance panel then you can ground from the neutral bar but this is what confuses me a bit. I feel like the Neutral should be separate as the return path back to the transformer.
    As of right now I'm confused about where to connect my ground rods to.
    Should I ground my Neutral in the meter pan to the rods? or should I run a ground wire from my neutral bar in the panel all the way back out to the grounding rods? and what about a separate isolated ground bus bar in the corner of the panels should that go out separately to the ground rods? any help would be appreciated.

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