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I was surprised it only did 1/2 of the circuits, (which still helped out quite a bit). a contributing factor may have been they combined circuits from all different panels in the same conduit runs. There were j-boxes 15' above the grid ceiling we were not able to get to. But also some wires that it just wouldn't give us a reading on.
I do like the tool because one person can operate both ends. 1)You install alligator clips from the sensor to all wires at the breaker 2)next you walk around with a probe and touch the socket or device and its display reads out a circuit number. You can also try renting the equipment first to see if u like it.
i'm surprised, as well. i've got one, and have never had that
experience. a flat awesome tool... pull the cover, clip the CT's
around all the wires, and just walk around with a label maker,
identifying all the circuits.

they came out with one that will do 84 circuits at once... one
supersize panel, or two panels at once.