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Thread: Motor troubleshooting help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwired View Post
    I will agree that a mechanical issue is not a direct relation to unbalanced current.

    I don't necessarily rule out a mechanical issue being the root of what happened, continued overloading because of a mechanical issue could eventually have compromised motor windings leading to the unbalanced current.
    True, I’ll also tell you that most industrial compressors that use NEMA motors are designed to use 10% of the 15% service factor when fully loaded.

    Motor life can be shortened significantly, especially in cases where the supply voltage is slightly low and/or imbalanced.

    They do tend to survive the warranty period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwired View Post
    To add more to what I said before and sort of was part of what I was thinking when I said that - repeated overloading could certainly have contributed to degrading of windings and now there is unbalanced current as a result. If left long enough you probably eventually have a failure that essentially makes it completely inoperable.
    Yes, there's no doubt repeated overloading could have damaged the motor. That would still require the motor to be replaced. There may be other problems that require further steps to be taken.
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