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Thread: Legally Required (701) & Optional (702) Standby Loads Same ATS

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    Legally Required (701) & Optional (702) Standby Loads Same ATS

    Let me be clear that these loads are not considered "emergency" per NEC or other California codes, so Article 700 isn't applicable. Most of these loads are considered optional, but a couple small exhausts fans are required to be on Standby or Emergency power per the Fire Code. I believe that both the optional and legally required standby loads can be fed from same ATS. Article 700 is very clear that "emergency" loads shall have a separate ATS (700.5(D)) and installed in separate raceways (700.10). Article 701 doesn't have a subsection starting that the ATS shall only supply "legally required standby loads" similar to 700.5(D) and 700.10 states that legally required standby wiring shall be permitted to occupy same raceways, cables, boxes & cabinets with other general wiring.
    Am I missing something that prevents an ATS from feeding both legally required and optional standby loads (2014 NEC)?

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    Take a look at 701.4. You are permitted to do that with conditions.
    Don, Illinois
    (All code citations are 2017 unless otherwise noted)

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