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Thread: QB update

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    Yep, the old versions are pretty clunky, my CPA laughs at me every time he comes.

    But don't let them fool you, it will run fine on Win 10. Have installed many older versions on customer machines with 10.

    If you have a real old copy like 1995 that is a 16 bit program then you might have a problem with Win 10

    Oh too late. they already got your money, but your satisfied, so all is good.


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    Get the free accounting apps at:
    Unless you are a multi million dollar business operator you don't need the complexities of these Accounting Software that need renewal.

    US operates under the GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles )as opposed to the international IFRS. ( International Financial Reporting Standards)
    Slight difference between the two methods but US standard is more thorough in terms of inventory accounting.

    This is one of the subjects in CA Contractor license exam.

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