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Thread: Why I do not understand 220.87

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    Why I do not understand 220.87

    I have a tenant improvement project located in a recently build, half-rented, multi- unit shopping center.

    I submitted a set of plan for plan check
    after days, the plan checker commented that I need to comply with 220-87 on the existing 2000A multimeter service.

    What should I do????
    the shopping center is 40% full with tenants.

    Thank you

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    220.87 exception:
    "The recording shall reflect the maximum demand of the feeder or service by being taken when the building or space is occupied.."

    Your 40% occupancy is measured for 30 days, submitted under 220.87, and the remaining 60% of service is extrapolated for future expansion;
    90.1(B) - Exempt from NEC
    90.8(A) - Wiring Planning

    If AHJ demands sizing service Mains OCP for current 40% occupancy, you could attach a change order to such AHJ orders. Needed for adding smaller breakers that fit same gear, and Service-call costs when higher occupancy trips Mains and larger breakers are required. The change order can direct all tenant law suits for power-loss damage to the responsible planning department, and document your objections.
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