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Thread: Ice in conduits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzboyce View Post
    I use steam inside frozen water lines. I’ve adapted a drywall steamer to a roll of 3/8” polyethylene tubing. I slowly pushi it into a frozen water line till I get thru the blockage. A couple cups of water might thaw out 10-29 feet of water line. Warm water would work, as mentioned previously, but could be a LOT of work to get a recirculating setup going.
    A steamer might work for 20-30' but would probably have trouble with 100' (maybe a high-temp pressure washer?). It all really depends on how much of the underground conduit is full of water- if my calcs are correct, 10' of 2" pipe holds around 3.5 gallons of water. I'm not going to calculate the heat of fusion for that, but as anyone knows who's defrosted a roast in the microwave, it won't be trivial.

    Warm glycol or methanol might work, but again, it depends on how much ice there is to melt.

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    Again, these are all great ideas.All conduits have pull strings and I think that alcohol will wick its way down the string, we will see and report sucess or plan B or C....The hot engine exhast is also interesting. Thanks.

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    Steam, only way to go, then drag rags through it till they are dry. Thawed 500' of 4" PVC in 20 mins with a steam on wheels company. Hot air is a waste of time Glycol might work but not as clean as steam.

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