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Thread: Use of Arc Protective Blankets

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    Use of Arc Protective Blankets

    Can Arc Protective Blakets be used as barriers to reduce the required approach distances to live energy sources? Blankets installed in front of or near front of live HV switching apparatus.

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    ARC Protective Blankets As an Engineering Control & ASME Standard

    ASTM Standard F3272-17 (Standard Guide for Selection, Care, and Use of Arc Protective Blankets) addresses this subject. The standard helps readers decide when and how to use Arc Protective Blankets as an engineering control for arc flash. The standard includes: Practical blanket installation methods, Guidance on limits of each method of installation and warnings, PPE reduction guidance with proper blanket use, Care recommendations, etc.

    The Standard is available at cost from ASME.

    This infornation has been forwarded to the NFPA 70E Committee requesting the subject be addressed in the next revision of 70E.

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